Thursday, December 20, 2018

Currently: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Current Book

2 interesting observations:
1) Do we think when I'm 50 I'll still like YA?
2) I also find it interesting that I don't like reading Christmas books given how much I love Christmas...

Current Song

The Pandora 'Christmas Radio' station non-stop.
Here are my new faves!

Current TV Show

Still powering through Game of Thrones with Brent.
We're halfway through season 3!

Current Drink

I just had a hot chocolate made with my father-in-law's Keurig.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Probably the number of hours a day I'm listening to carols.
Although I'm not really ashamed about it, but I'm sure I'm annoying others!

Current Outfit

My new 'merry & bright' tee - I love it!

Current Celebrity Crush

I follow her on social media and think she's the best. And seems really relatable.
And they really seem to love each other!
And his voice? SWOON.

Current Mood

Current Anticipation

Somebody turns TWO on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The next 2 weeks are nuts - 
Paige's birthday, Christmas, and Drew's birthday!!

Current Wishlist

To have 2 weeks off work...oh yeah that's about to happen!
I'm supposed to be off starting today, 
but work is NUTS right now, so I'll have a few hours to do today and tomorrow.

Current Film

I think Allison and I will hit this up over the holidays!

Plus Trent wants to see Bumblebee and Ralph Breaks the Internet. {grin}

Current Picture

We walked a mini trail of lights last night - yay!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Did you see my Merry and Bright shirt? so fun! Also I saw Saoirse Ronan on Watch What Happens Live and i never wanted her to stop talking..ha! And yes I do think you still still love YA! Can't wait to read your review on the fill in boyfriend (I need one of those..ha)

Emily said...

I wonder about the YA genre a lot! I sometimes think I’ll like it even more as I get older, because it’s always an easy read and I’ll pdobanly get lazier as I get older. Also... they make Christmas books? Like adult Christmas books? Didn’t know that

Natasha said...

I'm turning 47 in May and still love YA so you're probably safe :)

I was supposed to have more time off from work than I did too. I had to put in a couple of hours yesterday and I was REALLY annoyed.

And I LOVE your "merry and bright" t-shirt. So cute!!!