Monday, February 6, 2017


I've collected a lot of funny things Drew has said that crack me and that I want to remember.

Drew has asked us how come the fish doesn't talk to her and she will try to carry on a conversation with the fish. It is still a one-sided conversation!

This was a while ago, but Drew wanted her goldfish to die after Trent's goldfish died and he got Gil 2.0. Well, she got her wish not too much later...but we didn't buy her another fish, ha. However, about a week ago, Trent told Drew Gil 2.0 could be her fish...since he has decided fish are boring!

She calls the beta a 'Firefighter fish' instead of 'fighter fish'.

It's always fun having to interpret Drew's song requests - she'll describe the song in weird ways, and it's up to me to guess! I'm usually pretty good but not always. 

There's a local kids play place called Kiddie Acres. But Drew calls it Hello Kitty Acres.

She calls nursing 'milking'. So she'll say 'When you finish milking Paige...'

At school, anytime there is a performance there is an announcement to 'Pacify your cell phones and turn off your babies.' Well, in the car one time Trent said that, and Drew promptly followed it up with 'Bluetooth audio.' which is what Brent says in his truck to play music on Bluetooth.

Some other funny phrases:
Food Fires = Foo Fighters
Stripe 3 = Strike 3
Captain Crook = Captain Hook

Love this girl and her funny expressions!


Anonymous said...

Those are some good ones, Drew! Ha! - AP