Monday, May 4, 2009

The Sullivan Wedding

We traveled to Sweet Home, TX this weekend for the wedding of 2 of our friends - Casey and Heather. Brent was an usher in the wedding, and I love seeing him all dressed up in a tux!

We stayed in a 4 bedroom house in Shiner with the usual suspects - Derek & Dez, Ryan & Rhonda (and of course, Macey) and Riley & Erin. The house was really neat - the living room was a bar with 2 full kegs. (Not so awesome when you're pregnant.) Our room was golf themed, complete with a Miller Lite trophy!

The rehearsal was pretty interesting - it ran way late and then dinner ran even later (complete with the A/C dying). Fortunately, Macey was her usual super cute self and kept us all entertained.

The wedding was so nice, and Heather was a GORGEOUS bride. I tore a contact halfway through the ceremony (Brent had to fish half of it out of my eye), so I ended up in my glasses for the reception. Brent and I danced quite a bit and enjoyed the great food and time with our friends.
Sunday we were all ready to head home, but I did snap this one adorable picture that I have to share. I think he MIGHT be ready for his little guy to get here... {grin}