Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Not-Resolution Resolutions

I really liked what Amanda said about resolutions - I basically want to set goals that I can actually achieve. I mean I have a job, a husband, 2 kids...we're lucky I can get dressed some days {grin}. Do I need to eat better, lose weight, exercise more? Sure! Do I need to be more organized? For sure. But given after 10 years of marriage I'm STILL needing to do those things, let's just call those life goals and move on, mmm-kay?

So what would I legitimately like to achieve this year? So glad you asked!

1. Take more pictures as a family. When going to make our 2014 Christmas card, I found one picture of our family taken in the whole year. I would like to do a better job of actually documenting events with family photos. This includes having professional family photos taken.

2. Start my doula training program. I need to decide which training program I want to do and just bite the bullet. I don't know why I have been nervous to do it (probably because it's expensive).

3. Expand my literary selection. I read several 2014 book reviews and found a lot of common books I'd never heard of! Our book club has helped me branch out some, but I need to go outside my comfort zone a little more. I'd like to also add a few more educational books related to kids and all things doula-related.

And for real...that's it! Let's do it!


the blogivers said...

Sounds like a few very doable goals to me! Keep us posted :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

Those are awesome goals! Totally doable and specific. Can't wait to see how it goes!