Sunday, January 11, 2015

Let's Start with The Ladies...The 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion

I decided to break up my fashion recap into parts because the posts have just gotten SO long, and as I was downloading pictures I downloaded way too many! Allison and I went to see our first award movie today, so I'm definitely in an awards show state of mind, so let's get started!

Ladies in Red

Allison Janney
I love the flow of this dress and how it fits her. And I love her shoes {and red toes!}. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones
I joked with Brent that I should have a category just for the women who were too skinny or have had too much plastic surgery. I can't even enjoy how beautiful she looks because her face looks so worked on. [sad face]

 Christine Baranski
Her dress doesn't wow me, but it fits her SO SO great! 
And I love her bag and earrings. 

Allison Williams
She always looks beautiful!

Heidi Klum
She goes into the 'too skinny' category. And her right breast is SO mashed in her dress - WHY??? Not loving any of this. 

Kate Mara
I usually either hate her dress or hair or something. Overall, this is a HUGE upgrade from what I normally think. I feel like she picked the wrong belt - I love the details on the dress and the belt in theory...just not this belt. 

Lena Dunham
Nope. Her streak continues of me not liking anything she wears.

Helen Mirren
I just love her. That is all! 

Taylor Schilling
 Eh. I probably should love this, but it just doesn't work for me.

Jessica Lange
I stared at this for awhile and don't have really a strong opinion one way or the other? 

Julianna Maguiles
I can't even enjoy her pretty dress because she looks like a giant head on a stick - should we call this Anorexia Parade 2015? 

Viola Davis
She looks fabulous!


Karen M. Peterson said...

Viola and Helen both look amazing.