Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's Raining Men...2015 Golden Globes

I feel like what I want out of the men on the red carpet isn't much - a good fit where the pants aren't too tight {I'm looking at you Mario Lopez} and the sleeves aren't too short. It can be unique but shouldn't be crazy. And yet...with such low standards it seems like I am disappointed a lot. Let's see how the 2015 Golden Globe men measure.

Eddie Redmayne
Well! Look at that! I didn't have to look too far this year for a good tux. 

Ethan Hawke
Another one I can't complain about. What is going on? 

Kit Harrington
 Love him on Game of Thrones and love his look!

Bill Hader
 Jacket is too small!

David Oyelowo
I'm not crazy about this fabric. 

Jeremy Renner
I guess I have to eat my words tonight - lots of well-groomed men. 

Kevin Hart
If anybody else had worn this, I wouldn't like the white outline. But he's a comedian {and super hilarious}, and I think he looks fun!

Kevin Spacey
I don't like his shoes, but that's pretty nit-picky. 

Michael Keaton
He is one of Brent's all-time favorite actors, and he looks great tonight! 

Paul Rudd
This just doesn't fit right. Where it's buttoned. Where the waist on the pants are. 
Just all wrong.


Karen M. Peterson said...

I definitely agree. Most of the men I saw last night looked fantastic.