Friday, January 9, 2015

Grow Baby Grow {Drew} - 2 Years!!!

Drew Kathleen is quite the little lady. She has been such a joy to watch grow, and we are blessed to call her ours. I'm a little sappy, but can you blame me?

Height: 32.5" {10%}
Weight: 22.8 lbs {10%}
Head circumference: 19" {75% haha}
Diaper: Size 3 in disposables/Size 4 for sleep  {cloth are packed away}
Clothes: 12-18 months in almost everything, some 9-12 month leggings/dresses
Shoe size: 6.5 narrow

Drew continues to be a great eater. I would say her favorite food in the world is her Pops' tomatoes. She refuses to eat tomatoes if they aren't from Pops' garden.

Drew loves to pick out her own outfits. It can make for some...interesting choices!

We are still nursing mostly on demand. My plan was always to start weaning at 2 {and she has already gradually cut down on how much she nurses}, but girlfriend LOVES her some milk time. She will say 'milk' and hit my chest, ha. I have zero clue how to start weaning her.

She is a champion sleeper - she sleeps 11-12 hours at night {bedtime is between 7:00 and 7:30 usually} and takes a 2-3 hour nap on the weekends. She still wakes up at night once or twice a week. I can't complain with that given where we have come from.

We have another big talker on our hands. She talks in complete sentences, and I understand about 90% of what she says.

She has 14 teeth - at 2, Trent had 20!

Drew can throw some big tantrums but is generally easy to get over it. The hardest are when we tell her 'no' to Elmo and candy. Ha! We really limit her video time {given Trent gets almost nothing it is easiest to just make it even}, but when she gets a little taste, she quickly wants more and more and more...ugh. 

{I think I've posted this picture 3 times but it kills me}

She LOVES to sing and be sung to. She randomly breaks into song - especially the ABCs, 'Let it Go', and 'Love is an Open Door'. It is hysterical because she will just shout 'DOOOOOOOOOOOR' if we are listening to the Frozen soundtrack. She has never seen the movie but LOVES the songs. We sing 'happy birthday' A LOT.

She likes books but isn't nearly as wild about them as her brother. She does like books with flaps or things to touch/rub.

You can typically find Drew with something in her hands. Open up her little fist, and it's a gold mine. Legos, lightsabers, little cars, there's always something there.

Drew loves Elmo, Zoe, and Minnie Mouse. We just bought Abby Cadabby house shoes - girlfriend's got style. {grin}

She loves blankets and babies/stuffed animals. At night she requests 'more blankets' until we tell her she has enough - I usually will cover her up with 3.

She is almost potty-trained. If we pushed it, we could probably get there. I am just too lazy to push it, ha. She wears training pants at school which has helped us a ton in the progress we've made.

Because it's normal to wear 2 pairs of panties, right?


Karen M. Peterson said...

Such a funny girl! And growing like a weed!

Actually, I don't really get that expression, since weeds are a bad thing. She's growing like a...something good that grows too fast...

Kathryn Bagley said...

It's been fun seeing to see your updates on her the past 2 years..even starting with your pregnancy!