Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 SAG Awards Fashion Police...Ups and Downs

I noticed some big swings from the Golden Globes - some ladies got way better and unfortunately some got worse. It's interesting to me how one week you can look SO amazing {or vice versa} and the next...not so much!

Jennifer Aniston
I know she wasn't best dressed at the Golden Globes, but she looked SO much better than this. I feel like she is always consistently good. Maybe never great, but always good. This was a big miss in my book.

Emma Stone
She looked SO awesome at the Globes. Unique, fun, interesting, hot.
This look is blah. I am not a fan of dresses where the bottom is sheer, and the top here is just very boring. And no jewelry and her hair is pulled back. Snooze.

Claire Danes
 Literally for YEARS I have complained that her dresses don't fit. While this won't be my Best Dressed, she is my Most Improved from a many years list of disappointments. THIS DRESS FITS HER! And her hair looks great! My soul cried happy tears when I saw her.

Keira Knightley
Again, this isn't my favorite of the night, but after her butterfly disaster at the Golden Globes, this is amazing. {grin}


Karen M. Peterson said...

Yeah, these were all misses for me too. Except you're right about Claire Danes. Hers is a win, but only because it's her.