Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 SAG Awards Fashion Police...Let's Get the {Solids} Party Started

Overall, I would say I was underwhelmed by the fashion last night. I had a hard time settling on a Best Dressed and felt that a lot of the ladies were just meh.

Amy Ryan
When I saw this picture I thought it looked too big. It isn't flattering in the least. BUT when I saw her on screen it was a little better. I do love the color. Hate the bow on the shoes and that they are white {or silver?}. 

Ariel Winter
I get that she has a big chest, and that can be hard to dress. But I feel like it is always the Ariel Winter Boobie Show. 

Caitriona Balfe
I love her as Claire on Outlander, but this just doesn't do anything for her. 

Edie Falco
The wrinkles in the fabric make it look too small. 

Felicity Jones
I love this. I liked her dress at the Golden Globes but thought it was a little conservative. This is still conservative and could have washed her out with her dark hair/light skin {hello, I should know about that}, but it doesn't. Love this! 

Gwendoline Christie
This doesn't do it for me. 

Julia Roberts
I love a good pant suit on a woman, but I don't like this.
Something in the middle/crotch area looks off? I love the top half, her hair, bracelet, and shoes. But the weird part in the middle just ruins it somehow for me. 

Julianna Margulies
To quote me earlier...Meh. 

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
Given what she's worn in the past, this is a home run for her. {grin} But I feel like it needed something. A necklace or bigger earrings? Sparkly belt? 

Kelly Macdonald
 Doesn't this look like something you could have bought at Banana Republic? And the shoes are terrible.

Maggie Gyllenhaal
99% of the time I am not a fan of inner boob. It is almost never flattering. Combine it with a wrinkled dress, black shoes, a boring cut...yuck. I do love her lip color though! 

Mayim Bialik

Meryl Streep
I usually hate everything she wears, so this is amazing in comparison. 

Rebecca Gayheart
This seems a little too big. It is frumpy. 

Sophia Bush
Yuck. The cut/fit of this is all wrong. 

Sufe Bradshaw
Her dress fits her great, but her hair, shoes, Angelina-esque leg pose...kind of ruin it. 

Viola Davis
She always keeps changing it up, and I love that. This is flattering and pretty.


Anonymous said...

Another multipost? Yea! Agreed that none of the dresses really wowed. Guess everyone is saving their best for Oscars? AP

Karen M. Peterson said...

I told Misty earlier that "underwhelmed" is the perfect word to use. That's how I felt too.