Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 SAG Awards Fashion Police...The Rest

Like I said earlier, this year was a bit underwhelming, and I'm already tired of looking at these mediocre dresses, so here's who I haven't posted so far. {grin}

Amy Poehler
I think this fits her okay, it just doesn't flatter her. And unfixed hair and simple make-up just overall make it 'okay'. 

Emmy Rossum

Gretchen Mol
I just really think if your dress is going to look wrinkled when you get out of the car, you should pick something else. 

Julianne Moore
Nothing about this is flattering except maybe the color of the dress. 

Julie Bowen
There is not enough time to talk about everything wrong with this from her hair to the dress color to the bow {bow?!?!} to the... 

Kelly Osbourne
This just doesn't look award season nice. 

Lupita Nyong'o
My last season overall Best Dressed is really letting me down. 

Maria Menounos
This seems too big - in the top, waist, and length. 

Naomi Watts
Too big, wrinkles, and Christmas tinsel around the top? 

Natalie Dormer

Paula Patton
Double no.

 Rashida Jones
If this wasn't so wide up top and maybe wasn't such a weird/blah pattern? 

Sarah Hyland
This is a step-up from some other stuff she's worn and I love how it fits her in the top, but I just can't get behind brown.

Reese Witherspoon
I maybe should have put her in my 'up and down' list because my favorite from the Golden Globes doesn't impress me this time around. Hair and make-up is great but the dress is underwhelming. And not any jewelry to at least make it fun?


Karen M. Peterson said...

I think I like Julie Bowen's dress. Without the bow. Definitely without the bow.