Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Forward by Looking Back...2013 Rewind

2013 was overall a great year, but it certainly has its ups and downs! As I've looked back a little at my blog posts from this year {as sporadic as they were at times}, I am overcome by feelings of gratitude for everything I have and how blessed I feel. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store!

Best Book

By far, this award goes to Outlander. I am pretty much obsessed with this series. If we are friends on Facebook, I am constantly sharing info from the making of the show.

I am currently in book 6, and when I count up the pages I've read of this series...I'm closing in on close to 5,000 pages. #bookworm

Best Movie

To be fair, I didn't see many movies in 2013 {and have 1 still to officially review}, but for me, it was Catching Fire.

These movies are SO GOOD! Especially when you consider the other YA alternatives {*cough* Twilight I'm talking to you  *cough*}.

Best TV Show

We have to go way back for this one...Downton Abbey of course! And it comes back on Sunday! SQUEEEEE! Although season 3 was full of loss, so I really hope season 4 isn't quite so depressing.

Best Experience

I think we would all say 'duh' on this one. By far, the highlight of the year was welcoming Drew Kathleen into our family. I have spent a lot of time this week reflecting on this time last year and how amazing life is with her in our family. I am also damn proud of myself for rocking my natural birth! {Story is HERE and HERE}.

Worst Experience

Another 'duh' moment. Every.second.of.Trent's.illness.

Runners up: Thrush and the return of post-partum, ha!

Favorite Family Picture

From Drew's baptism {which also ranks high on best moments}

I also love this picture, but B was hunting so it can't really be a true favorite since my favorite guy is missing. But I just love how much I get to be with my peeps. And T's pose in this one kills me.

Best Teary-Eyed Moment

This little girl asked me to be her Godmother!
Kristen and I have always had a special bond, and I am beyond honored to be Beau's Godmother and have such an amazing friend be Godmother to my children. [waterworks...]

Bring it on 2014!


the blogivers said...

Love that picture of you and Drew from when she was born! And glad 2013 treated you well overall :)