Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Twas the Night Before Drew's Birthday

Tonight as I was nursing Drew to bed, and she gave me a staccato of high 5s {as she does most nursing sessions}, I was a little more reflective than I usually am {which is typically NOT reflective given I'm bone tired by bedtime haha}. Tomorrow my baby turns into a toddler. She will have aged a teeny tiny amount like she does every day, but this small change will make her ONE. 

She won't know the day is any different, but I will. 

She will most likely be bouncing in her crib, having torn off her rail protector {and will have chewed even more of her crib away, that stinker}. She will reach for me, and we will nurse in her glider as we have done almost every day. But I will know that she is not a baby officially. She will always be MY baby, but she won't be A baby.

I'm not sad, but it's bittersweet. I didn't realize how fast the years go when Trent turned 1. I was naive, and this time I'm not. The challenges of the first year are nothing to the challenges of raising a toddler as Trent has so sweetly taught us. {grin}

She may or may not be our last child, so it's hard for me to think that I may never snuggle with another newborn, another baby.

I can't wait to enjoy the day with her. Get her latest stats {but no shots!}. Play, snuggle, laugh. Just be. And celebrate the spark that is our girl.

Happy birthday {almost} to my littlest love.


KristenW said...

Sweet post:) Happy birthday, sweet Drew. We love you.