Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Double Hemi

Over Thanksgiving, I went and saw 2 movies. I went close to 9 months without seeing a single movie and then saw 2 in 5 days. Making up for lost time, I guess! Both movies, coincidentally, starred a Hemsworth brother. {grin}

Allison and I saw the 2nd Thor movie, The Dark World. We saw the first one and have now decided we will see them all together. We saw all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies together, so I guess every few years we'll find a new blockbuster series to enjoy together. 

I also saw Catching Fire with a group of girlfriends. I loved the book series and am thoroughly enjoying seeing the movies come to life. Plus, having a glass of wine while watching a movie is never a bad way to spend an evening!

End result? I would say Catching Fire was the better movie, but Chris is the better a great time was had with each!