Monday, December 2, 2013

Grow Baby Grow {Drew} - 11 Months

Even though I am in full-on party planning mode, I admit I gagged as I typed that title. And speaking of Ms. Thing's party, I am dying. It is going to be so cute! It's hard to believe this time last year, we were anticipating her arrival and wondering if she'd make it before Christmas or after, and my thoughts were consumed with natural childbirth, haha.

Weight: ~18 pounds - just a pure guess
Clothes: 9 months (Carter's), 6-12 months (everywhere else)
Diaper size: size 3 in disposals, all snapped down in cloth (those skinny legs!)

Our biggest milestone this month is WALKING! You took 3 steps from Babs to me on 11/8 and twice more took 2 steps. All of these steps were after we had been separated for 2 days due to Brother being in the hospital. You have been standing and balancing for so long, I guess you just needed the motivation to move!

You are so noisy now! We used to comment on how quiet you were, not anymore! You babble all day and even growl at us. It is so cute to hear such a loud noise coming from a little body.

You clap, wave, blow kisses, and are overall a ham. You love when Papa or Pops chase you - you squeal and crawl away from them so fast, but you look back and wait for them to do it again.

You love to brush your teeth with me. You hear me turn on my electric toothbrush, and you crawl over to me to be picked up. You love to hold onto my toothbrush, but you also love when I hand you yours so you can brush your teeth too.

Speaking of teeth, this was a big month for them! You started the month with 2 and are now sporting a set of 6! 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. You spent a good chunk of the month with just your top right tooth all the way through, earning you the nickname 'Snaggletooth'.

This face is one of my faves!

You eat 3 meals a day and eat anything just about. You don't like bananas very much or oranges.

This mess was SUPER fun to clean!

You've been showing some attitude this month if you don't get your way. You understand 'no' but whether you choose to listen is another matter completely.

You still don't like books. Well, I don't think it's that you don't like to read, it's that you'd rather eat them. 'Billy Goat' continues to be a phrase used around you. {grin} I am constantly grabbing toilet paper, magazine shreds, scraps of whatever is on the floor out of your mouth.

Sleep is still our 1 battle. You put yourself to sleep like a champ and take great naps at home {daycare is another story}, but you are still waking up at least once a night. I dread making you CIO at night, but I think that'll be our Christmas vacation project, my sweet girl.

You mastered your sippy cup this month and love to drink water from it. We're going to start putting my milk in it at school to start working on transitioning from the bottle. Since you view the bottle as a necessary evil, I don't see this being a hard transition...but time will tell!

We set up the tree after Thanksgiving and so far you aren't overly impressed. Daddy thought you'd destroy it, but you haven't...yet! Babs got you a manger and you love to mess it up after Brother and I set it all up. Stinker.

Godzilla baby!

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving this month and spent lots of time with family. You were your typical shy, reserved self with so many unfamiliar faces but warmed up slowly. You didn't want anyone to hold you for a long time but me. Your feet didn't even touch the ground most of Saturday when we were with Babs' family!

I am so looking forward to what month 12 has in store. I see more walking, more attitude, more crying {as we sort out your nights} and lots more fun as we celebrate your first Christmas! We love you to pieces, Baby Girl!


Dee Stephens said...

Can't wait to see party pics! Ours is this Sunday and I'm a little nervous on how it will go down!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I can't believe how fast they grow. She's so cute!