Friday, December 19, 2014

Review Extravaganza: April, May, and June

Doubling up on the review extravaganza to catch up with the rest of the link-up.


I participated in the photo-a-day challenge. It was a lot of fun!

Drew turned 15 months old, and I posted an update on her.

The kids moved schools. Overall, this has been the best decision for both kids!

We did Drew's 1-year photo shoot {just a few months late #2ndchildproblems}.

We celebrated Easter with family!


We had a great weekend early in the month including a night out for Mom with my BFF!

Mother's Day was celebrated!

My in-laws took us to Pebble Beach!

Trent had his adenoids removed.


I went to Florida for my {first} goddaughter's baptism.

The kids and I made a great surprise for Father's Day.

I also spent some time with my dad on Father's Day.

We had a nasty summer stomach bug.

And just like that, my first born turned 5.

Another great quarter with my family. I look like a jet setter taking 2 trips to opposite coasts, ha!


Kenzie Smith said...

That is awesome that you were able to participate in a photo a day challenge (I will be co-hosting one coming up in August which is a ways away ha ha)! Sounds like it was a great few months for you and your family except for the stomach flu. Those are no fun!

Nicole said...

So jealous you got to go to both coasts! The photo a day is fun, right? I'm in the process of a 365 photo a day project. looks like you had a great 3 months!!