Monday, December 15, 2014

4 Things

I know I just did a semi-survey kind of a post, but I really love doing them, so you're getting another one! I'm also tired. Drew was sick again today {ugh...but finally we are 24 hours clear on everything so pending a disaster she will be going to school tomorrow!}, and I have a head cold. So hopefully you'll find this fun. {grin}

4 names people call me other than my real name: Mommy, Al, Lanzie, Hippie

4 places I have been: Puerta Vallarta, Turks & Caicos, Colorado, NYC

4 things I don't eat: tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms, onions

4 things I'm actually saying: On this blog I read..., Trent, stop it..., You really should try essential oils, I was reading this book...

4 places I've lived: Cameron, Pflugerville, Bryan/College Station, Austin {all in Texas...lame or cool?}

4 things I'm looking forward to next year: moving into our house!!!!!, trying to take a trip with Brent, convincing Brent we should have another baby, starting my doula training program

4 movies I have watched more than once: Steel Magnolias, 16 Candles, Beaches, The Little Mermaid

4 places I would rather be right now: our new house {ha}, a beach with Brent, NYC for all things Christmas, Book Club happy hour {which is Thursday}

4 books I recommend: Outlander, Before I Go to Sleep, Lonesome Dove, Shanna

4 TV shows I watch: Law & Order: SVU, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Downton Abbey {season 5 premieres soon...yippee!}

4 jobs I've had: Auditor, pharmacy technician-in-training, bookstore clerk, Lead Resource Management Specialist {my current title!!}


Dee Stephens said...

Your things you hate to eat are some of my favorite!! Another baby?😳

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love that you did this!

Good luck on the baby decision! That will be so exciting!