Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a low-key weekend. But one that makes you sad for Monday to roll back around.

I just had to share this because I cracked up. I sent this to book club because we have a rule that we have to wear stretchy pants to our meetings and we all drink wine. I mean seriously though - wouldn't this store do awesome?

I know I JUST said I wouldn't do constant house updates, but we went to the house on Saturday with my parents to show them the progress, and there were already a lot of changes! Windows are going in and the roof is on! I took some pictures on my phone that Brent accidentally deleted when deleting the 150 pictures Trent took. {grin}

This was the first time I noticed this sign. LOVE IT!!!

Trent played Monopoly with Brent's mom the other day, and he is OBSESSED. We bought it on Friday, and it's pretty much all he's done. He is doing so good - he totally understands the rules, and we love that he's working on counting, math, and especially dealing with losing!

At this moment, I had just mortgaged 5 properties to pay a $1,050 hotel bill and then landed in jail. I had 4 properties left and $24 to my name. Needless to say, he kicked my butt that game!

 Today, we were literally walking out the door to go drive around and look at lights when Trent decided he wanted to build his gingerbread house instead. After about 10 minutes of decorating, he took all the candy off, ate a few bites of the house, and then threw everything away. At least he had fun?

This girl just ate candy, put about 2 pieces of candy on her house and then licked it a bunch. She is SO my daughter.

I am not ready for work tomorrow!


Karen M. Peterson said...

That cracks me UP about the gingerbread houses. Your kids are funny!

Also, that's exciting about your house. It must be so much fun to see all the progress.

Kathryn Bagley said...

I'd just be licking the icing and eating the candy too :)

Adventures of Three Harts said...

It's really just about the icing and the candy. Right?

Don't ever tell my husband that. He likes to pretend he is an artist ;)