Wednesday, December 10, 2014

8 Things That Happen Every Christmas

I saw this fun post on another blog and knew I had to do it too. If you know me in real life or just follow my blog, you'll know I am obsessed with Christmas. Somewhere along the lines of Buddy the Elf mixed with the Grinch after his heart grew with a sprinkle of Clark Griswold. Luckily {sarcasm alert}, I am married to Scrooge, so our house doesn't explode with Christmas cheer like I wish it would. But there are certain things I am able to get away with every year, Scrooge be damned!

1. Decorations
I did an entire post about my Christmas decorations. I love to decorate for holidays, but I tend to go overboard for Christmas, and I LOVE it. This year is a little different living in an apartment with all my decorations in storage. Our decorations consist of a 3' tall tree my mom bought on Black Friday at Wal-Mart for $14 and a snow globe. Womp, womp.

2. Christmas clothes
I absolutely love decorating the kids up in Christmas clothes and pajamas. I abhor rompers for boys {called john-johns...sick} and pants with ruffles for girls, so you'll never catch my kids in those, but I do love a good Christmas t-shirt, and I got the cutest dress for Drew this year.

3. Listening to Christmas carols
I used to make myself wait until Thanksgiving to turn on the carols. Then I decided to screw it all. This is my all-time favorite holiday, and if I want to celebrate a little extra, so be it!

4. Geeking out over Starbucks holiday cups
November 1 rolls around, and I think 'Holiday cups are here!' I might have a problem.

5. Eating way too many sweets and blaming it on the Holidays
I have a crazy sweet tooth and the holidays give me too many excuses to enjoy some once-a-year snacks. My mother-in-law makes this amazing cranberry tea, and I drink it like crazy. She even made me a pitcher after Drew was born last year {or holy crap almost TWO years ago...although technically I am right that it was last y ear}, I was in heaven! I also love holiday wreaths. My mom took over making them after my Granny passed away, and they are a MUST every year.

6. Looking at lights
We don't necessarily have a tradition of where we go, but I love driving around and looking at lights. This year has been especially fun as Trent likes to vote on whether he likes them {over the top colorful gets his vote...he is so my son} or they are boring {plain white? you lose!}. Drew also loves it, and says 'More lights' after we pass a house and then will should 'I like it!' at every house with lights. #andmyheartexplodedfromthecutenessinthebackseat As a kid we used to drive around in my parents' hometown on Christmas night all bundled up in my Granny's car. I hope to make it something my kids remember every year.

7. Last minute Christmas shopping
I am the worst at buying presents. It stresses me out, which is SO not the point of the holidays. I have a friend who is amazing at gift-giving. It is her thing. It is most definitely NOT my thing, and I am guaranteed to be paying crazy shipping for buying something on December 22!

8. Make {stress out over} our family Christmas card
I love sending Christmas cards and hanging the ones we get on the fridge. I'm usually late about it, but this year I have already mailed out all our cards, except for a few stragglers that I got the addresses for a little late. Every year I think our card is the best, but I'm really very pleased with this years! Tune in on Christmas Day for the big reveal!

Some recent cards:

What do you do every year? Are you a Scrooge or a Clark?


Karen M. Peterson said...

This was a fun post! I don't think I have 8 things that happen every Christmas. Not having my own family sort of puts a damper on the tradition thing. I never know what I'm doing one year to the next!