Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Life Update of Sorts...iPhone Pic Overload {Warning}

I was looking through my phone today trying to clear out pictures to get some more memory {the bane of my existence with this phone}, and I realized I had quite a few pictures on here I hadn't shared from the last week or so. The horror!

Last weekend, Brent and I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday and my parents kept the kids. Overnight! It was glorious. There was a Christmas parade in town, and it runs right past my parents' neighborhood, so my sister came over with her kids too.

The girls are ready to go! {Ignore Drew's ragamuffin hair.}

Do we look excited to be going out? {Ignore my swollen eye, I had a stye.}

It is time to admit I am old and can no longer sleep in even when the kids don't wake me up. Sigh. It hurts to admit that. So after too little sleep, we picked up the kids and went to Kristen and Schuyler's for Godparent-palooza. Is it weird that I love that our kids are god-siblings. {grin}

Trent insisted on wearing his pajamas all day. Fine by me.
And can we talk about the deliciousness that is my goddaughter? She and Trent might be betrothed...

Watching Baby Einstein after naps. {More ragamuffin hair, girlfriend sleeps HARD}

You gotta love a girl who knows her mind about picking outfits {even atrocious ones} and finding good seats for a quick bevie break.

This week, Book Club got together for a Christmas tradition of our own - a Christmas party. We had a white elephant gift exchange as well - for the second time no one stole anything. We are all good gift givers I guess! I ended up with an Outlander-esque scarf. #love

Love these ladies and I look forward to many more book {and wine}-related adventures.

School is out for 2 weeks! I think Trent needs a break, and I need a break from the usually once-a-week calls to pick him up for behavior. So Friday the kids spent the day with Nana!

Another awesome outfit choice by a child o' mine.

This weekend was low-key. Some family time {including a trip to the house!}, some friend time for a birthday dinner, church, a library and Starbucks trip, grandparent time...a great weekend! 

Is my mom awesome or what?

And if you can watch this video and not laugh...well, we can't be friends. My daughter certainly has some dance skills!

My Christmas shopping is 95% done, all my presents are wrapped, I'm off work almost all of the next 2 weeks... It's going to be a good end to 2014!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Girls got some moves! too cute :)