Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oops...My Bad

See this paint?
I was decisive and by myself picked out the paint for Baby Gurl's room.
Decisiveness is not my strong suit.
Cost $50.
I was so proud of myself.
My fabulous mother-in-law painted a few sections of the room.
I hate it.  {Brent and the FMIL do too, ha.}

See these little paint samples?
These are the samples of new colors.
Cost $6.

Oops.  Costly mistake.
Maybe next time I should be indecisive and make other people help me choose.

I still intend to do a sneak peak at some of the BBR and nursery projects, just haven't gotten my act together to take pictures and organize.  Plus, I've had some other semi-disastrous DIY projects that have to be more cost.  Good times. 


Anonymous said...

Ugh! Paint is sooo hard to pick out. Just never know how it is going to look once on the wall. Excited to see the sneak peeks though! - Allison

Karen M. Peterson said...

This is why I just don't ever paint anything.