Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finding Nemo - An Adventure in Parenting

Patty and I took the boys to see Finding Nemo last weekend. I saw this in the theater in college and have always thought it was such a cute movie. I knew it'd be a hit with the boys.

Excited but no clue what is going on. {grin}

Ready to go with popcorn

The boys enjoyed the movie, but Patty and I agreed their behavior deserved a C at best. They just didn't get the concept of being quiet and staying in their seats. The previews were SO long, T kept asking 'Is this my movie?' There was a preview for Monsters, Inc. which is coming back to theaters in December; Trent has seen parts of that movie and got mad when that wasn't the movie we were there to see - ha. He also got mad that I got him water to drink and started to pitch a fit. Both boys wandered a little bit in our row and the row in front of us. But given we were 4 of the 9 people in the theater, I don't think they were TOO disruptive... What's funny to me is when we got in the car, T asked if he could watch a movie on my phone. Um, we just left the MOVIE THEATER! It was definitely an experience, and I won't complain if we hold off on another movie until Monsters, Inc. or later.