Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Gurl Bumpdate - 26 Weeks

Hello 26 weeks!  It dawned on me this week that I am 2 weeks away from the 3rd trimester.  How did that happen?  I cannot believe I am that close to the final stretch.  This trimester has flown by!

Weight Gain: Holding steady at not quite 20 pounds.  Whoo hoo!

Maternity Clothes: More and more... I'm confounded by how so many from my pregnancy with T don't fit. Shirts I wore all the way through my pregnancy with him are already getting too short. I really don't want to spend a lot of money on more maternity clothes, but I think I still need more. Old Navy is having a big sale right now, so I might try to get some staples to get me through a little longer.

Movement: Oh man, I have a dancer in there. Tuesday, I was wearing the same dress as I was when I made this video of T, and she was having a party I could see from the outside. Just reminded me of that moment with T, and I loved it.

Sleep: Still fabulous. Don't want to jinx myself, but I am not getting up much to go to the bathroom, and my head hits the pillow, and I'm out!

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach. Wine. Being able to sit up easily.

Cravings: I am obsessed with a My Fit Foods Lemon Pepper Turkey meal. I split it into 2 and add bell pepper, hominy and sometimes more asparagus. I think about it all the time. There are definitely worse things to crave though! I drink hot chocolate almost every night and look forward to that all day long. If there are sweets in the office, I have to take a nibble. I do a good job of it being a small nibble, but I have to have some!

Symptoms: Just the normal aches and pains. I was laughing at the gym this week because running is getting SO challenging but only because of Baby Gurl being on my bladder. I told Rhonda at one point that I thought my bladder went numb, so if I peed on myself to please ignore me. But darn it, I finished my run, and we both hit over 4 miles! It is hard to play on the floor with Trent, and I despise reading to him at night ONLY because it hurts so bad to get up after we're done.

Best Moment of the Week: Finalized my 'vision' for her nursery and starting to purchase furniture and odds & ends. I really think this is going to turn out adorable. If I can figure out a good way to show stuff, I'll do a 'sneak peak' soon.

Worst Moment of the Week: I really can't think of anything too bad. Tuesday I did a presentation at t.u. and by the time I was walking back to the parking garage, my feet hurt so bad I contemplated going barefoot...

Other Random Stuff: Y'all...all I think about is her nursery and T's BBR. Brent and I don't discuss names at all. I don't think for any particular reason other than nothing is coming up that either of us likes. Trent likes to play the drums on my belly. He has talked about wanting to breastfeed the baby and gets really disappointed when he hears he won't make milk. Too sweet. {And embarrassing for him when he's a teenager...tee hee hee}

Maybe starting to even out a little?  Or wishful thinking?  Ha!


Heather said...

You look beautiful! I can't wait to see pics of the kids rooms! Have I mentioned that before?! Sorry, patience isn't one of my best virtues!

the blogivers said...

Cute bump and cute top! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit & so impressed by your running! I can't do 4 miles baby or no baby. - Allison

Jaclyn said...

You look awesome and I love your top. So cute!!

Adventures of Three Harts said...

You look great!

The Sloan Family said...

HOW are you running 4 miles at 26 weeks pregnant?? I can't get much past 2 miles and I'm not pregnant!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute!