Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Gurl Bumpdate - 24 Weeks

Wednesday marked 24 weeks in our pregnancy with Baby Gurl!  60% done.  CanNOT believe that.

Hello baby belly

Weight Gain: 17 pounds.  Don't think I need to talk about my weight gain anymore...this week.

Maternity Clothes: About 85% of the time.

Movement:  Lots!  I love this part of pregnancy.  I have no idea what she does in there all day except cover  I feel her little jabs up high, down low, on the side...she's everywhere.  {grin}

Sleep:  Great!  I am still without a new body pillow and doing just fine.

What I Miss:  Not having random back stabbings.  My sciatica isn't as bad as with Trent, but I get these random darts of pain that are so bad they take my breath away.  And it's so hard getting on the floor with Trent.

Symptoms:  Nothing really to speak of, except sciatica.  Everything seems to be growing faster this time around (hello new bras the size of helmets...side bar...did anyone watch Designing Women back in the day?  Remember when Mary Jo would put Suzanne's bras on her head?  Yeah, that's me.}.  No real swelling yet.

Best Moment of the Week:  Hearing her heartbeat at my OB appt.  145 bpm.  Perfection.

Worst Moment of the Week:  Pregnancy hormones...I totally exploded on B the other day. Given the situation, I should have been annoyed.  Not Mt. Vesuvius on eruption day {Name that date, Allison} to squash out all the citizens of Pompeii mad.  I was seriously afraid that when I came home from work the next day, Brent's side of the closet would be empty.

Other Random Stuff:  Baby Gurl does not have a name.  Big surprise.  Brent and I have had 2 or 3 short-lived conversations (one of which was via text while I was in Chicago for a training) that have resulted in nada except further proof that we are not compatible in the 'naming of children' department.  I don't have high hopes that she'll get a name before she gets here.  It's kind of fun though since we don't have the surprise of her gender to have the surprise of what we'll pick... Can't really think of anything else... irritates me that none of the pics are very similar.  Ha.
Definitely sticking out further this time. 

He asked me to take his pic while I was doing belly pics.
Of course you insanely adorable little boy.

My assistant.  
He was driving the lens cover over my belly.

I'm super excited about my 28 week appointment since I'll get an ultrasound and normally wouldn't.  I'm not really concerned about her size from a health/risk standpoint.  But I can't help but wonder if Trent weight 8 1/2 pounds and she's bigger...what does that mean for delivery?!?!

We are trucking right along and I'm loving it!


Adventures of Three Harts said...

You look great! Not much longer until you can break out the bow :)

Adventures of Three Harts said...

bowS :)

STACEY said...

Love that last pic - little boy undies are seriously the cutest!