Friday, May 24, 2013

Self-Esteem Killer

Day 24: Your top 3 worst traits

1. I have a nasty, short temper. I come by this honestly, as I inherited my temper from my dad. I just get SO angry I explode. I tell myself to stay calm but there are certain times when I just can't control myself. There is no better way to explain it - I just lose it. Brent and my sister have seen this too many times to count. I think I'm getting better...but maybe one of them should weigh in on that!

2. I am too selfish. This is another one directed more at Brent. [Lucky him] I don't know if I'd call it being selfish or jealous or what, but in my head I constantly think about what I'm doing and what he's not. But when I succumb to #1, he quickly reminds me of all the things he IS doing that I don't think about. In my head, I'm all 'He is watching too much TV while I take care of the kids.' Or 'He never helps me with the dishes.' But then he reminds me about how he does all the outside work and all the repairs and plays with the kids ton. Then I feel like a big ol' jerk.

3. I am beyond disorganized/lazy. I want to have a clean house and cook meals. I want to have our family pictures printed and organized. I want to put laundry away and pick up after myself timely. I just don't want it enough to do it. {grin}

Gee, this list makes me feel real good about myself!


Kelly said...

I think we can all be a little selfish...I think it's human nature to be so. I think the most important thing is recognizing it and trying to be better at taking time to realize the world doesn't revolve around us. HA! This is a big one for me!