Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Attention, attention!

Day 22: Rant about something.

Oh man, do I love to rant. Ask my husband, he will definitely agree that I love to rant. And lucky for him, I'm going to rant about my husband. 

How could I not love this face?

Before too much longer, I will have loved my husband half my life. It's a crazy thought. But boy oh boy, can that man drive me crazy. 

I don't know if he doesn't on principle alone, but he pretty much refuses to ever let me 'win' an argument or ever get my way. It would be SO nice to just once have him give in without a fight. I always said we were perfect for each other because I am so opinionated that if I had a weak-spined husband I'd walk all over him. But geez, I didn't mean I needed THIS strong of a husband. {grin}

I love this man more than life itself, but B, when you read this...I hope you are paying attention!


Anonymous said...

Let you win? So you are basically admitting you are wrong......You get your way plenty, I fight the fights that need fighting. - B

Karen M. Peterson said...

Hahahaha. This cracked me up, and so did B's response. :-)