Friday, May 10, 2013

An Emotional State of Temporary Discomfort

Day 10: Most Embarrassing Moment.

When I read this topic, a certain story popped into my head. I haven't thought about this particular incident in a long time, but if it's what I instantly thought about, it must be up there for embarrassing moments, right?

This story takes place in 6th grade. To set the scene, I present middle school Allena. Except in this picture I had already gotten contacts. So take this girl and add glasses - glasses that were too big for her face. Yeah, I'll give you a moment to digest that. {Thank God I didn't meet Brent until high school.}

In my history class, I sat between a really good girlfriend and a boy I liked. You know, LIKED. I was thrilled with the seating arrangement to say the least. Until... One day I was sitting there talking to both of them when I reached into the basket under my desk. And a teeny, tiny fart escaped. ARGH!! I instantly wanted to die but played it off hoping no one else heard it. Except they both burst out laughing. I did the act innocent and said 'What?'. It didn't work. I just sat there trying not to cry and willing class to be over. Needless to say, I never made that boy my boyfriend!


Adventures of Three Harts said...

You just made my Friday!

Anonymous said...

This reminded me of those embarassing moment columns in YM or Seventeen. Your picture - how little you were! AP

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious!!