Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Burden

Day 16: Something difficult about your 'lot in life' and how you're working to overcome it

Overall, I consider myself blessed. Very blessed. The one thing that I consider my 'cross to bear' is my struggle with postpartum anxiety. I don't think anyone can anticipate PPA or PPD, and when it hits {and you realize that is what is happening} hits like a ton of bricks. It was an extremely trying time in our lives when Trent was born, and when we were pregnant with Drew, I worked hard to prevent it from happening again. Well, that didn't work out quite like I anticipated. {grin} Luckily, it wasn't as bad this time, we recognized it faster, and kicked its butt!

And, let's be real...these kids were totally worth it!

Even though, I think I can say I have 'overcome' this twice, I feel like there's a reason for it. I shared earlier on in this challenge, a secret if you will, that someday I hope to be involved in the birthing community in some way. I think that this journey will help me be more compassionate and more empathetic with other mothers.