Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Awards: Fashion Rewind

I totally flaked on this award season.  I didn't see any of the nominated films (except 'The Help'), I didn't watch any of the award shows...but I am rectifying that now with the best one, so hopefully I made it up to anyone who might care.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyway...  I did this year's rewind a little differently and put together some 'competitions'.

The ladies from 'Bridesmaids'...Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Ellie Kemper, Wendi McLendon-Covey
Winner - Maya Rudolph, Loser - Wendi McLendon-Covey 

Name twins...Penelope Cruz vs. Penelope Ann Miller
Winner - Penelope Cruz looks so beautiful.  Love the hair, jewelry, color.

Sisters...Kate Mara vs. Rooney Mara
Winner - barely...Kate - her dress is pretty...until you notice the weird arm draping.  It looks like stringy flesh or something.  

Metallics...Judy Greer, Jessica Chastain, Stacy Keibler, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep
Winner - Jessica Chastain - I think she looks great.
Loser - Sandra Bullock - mainly because I think she knows how to do better.  The dress makes her look heavy in the middle and her hair is too harsh.  Also, I would say Stacy Keibler is worst with her weird rose, but she's too unimportant to care. 

Co-presenters...J. Lo and Cameron Diaz
Winner - Cameron Diaz 
Note to J. Lo - quit wearing your hair like that, and I've seen your boobs more times than I'd like to.  Please put them away.  xoxo

Green...Viola Davis vs. Glenn Close
Winner - Glenn Close - her body just awes me, and the dress fits her so well. I don't think Viola looks bad by any means and love that she went natural with her hair, but I do think the top half of the dress looks funny (Vera Wang should make 'the girls' look better than this).

E! co-hosts...Kelly Osbourne vs. Guliana Rancic
Winner - Guliana Rancic - I'm a little sentimental when I think of what she's been through this year and think she looks amazing.  I do think Kelly's dress is unique and fits her wonderfully.  If we could just get her to do something different with her hair! 

Couples...Colin Firth/Livia Giuggiolo, Judd Apatow/Leslie Mann, Jean Dujardin/Alexandra Lamy, George Clooney/Stacy Keibler, Christopher Plummer/Elaine Taylor, Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, 
Winner - Jean Dujardin/Alexandra Lamy - they both look flawless
Loser - Brad and Angie - his hair just kills me and I think she looks so stupid sticking her leg out all the time.

Red...Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman
I cannot pick a winner because I don't like any of them.  Emma's bow is stupid, Michelle (who I usually think is underwhelming) looks silly with all the ruffles, and Natalie is just okay. 

White...Gwyneth Paltrow, Shailene Woodley, Octavia Spencer, Milla Jovovich
Winner - Octavia Spencer - her dress just FITS - like BAM!
Loser - Shailene Woodley - mainly because she is too young for that dress.
Gwyneth's cape is dumb and Milla's dress makes her look SO flat chested.

Worst Dressed - Rooney Mara
Where to start?  
Her skin is too pale for a white dress.
Her bangs and pulled back hair are too severe.
The red lips are too much.
The dress is blah.

Best Dressed - Maya Rudolph
I know I'll get some haters for this.  
But she came on screen and I just went 'Oh.'  
I love the color with her skin tone.  
I love her soft hair and makeup.  
I love the belt/shoulders, especially with the bracelet.

And with that...I'm out!  Here's hoping I can do better seeing the nominated movies next year and watching the award shows. 

Who were your best and worst dressed for the night?


the blogivers said...

I need to give a big fat DITTO to the JLo and Brangelina comments! They all bug me!

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch any award shows but was wondering where your fashion recap was after the emmys. Right on on JLo & Angelina. I am going to be a hater on Maya. Not bad but definitely not my fave. Was watching the preshow & Rooney Mara was getting all kinds of rave reviews - just shows you how much they know! - Allison

Kelly said...

What a GREAT recap! Okay here is the longest comment ever:

Bridesmaids Group: I really like Kristen Wiig the best and I like her hair better as brunette. I HATED Melissa McCarthy...I just felt like it did nothing for her body.

Name Twins: Definitely Penelope Cruz!

Sisters: Kate Mara, but I agree that the drapy thing is weird.

Metallics: I agree with you...Jessica Chastain rocks! And everyone kept talking about Stacy Keibler but I didn't like the stupid rose. Not to mention her claim to fame right now is sleeping with George Clooney.

Co-presenters: agree with you again although I don't like J-Lo or Cameron Diaz much. And yes I hate J-Lo's severe hair. Ick.

Green: Glenn Close. I thought Viola Davis' dress was hideous! The top fit all wrong. Good color for her though.

E! Co-hosts: I don't like either one. I can not stand Guilana Rancic and I never think she looks good. Ever.

Couples: I agree that Angie's leg looks retarded. Blech.

Red: hate them all...agree with everything you said.

White: YES! Octavia Spencer looks amazing. Melissa McCarthy should take note.

Worst Dressed: AGREE! She looks horrible!

Best Dressed: No one really wowed me this year. :(

Karen M. Peterson said...

Maya's dress was gorgeous. She looked fabulous. But I really think my favorite for the night was Jessica Chastain. Mostly because I am normally not a fan of the black and gold combination like that, but she looked amazing and memorable.