Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last weekend, I took Trent to see Sesame Street Live with some friends of ours (Clancy, Jenna and Tyce).  Both boys (Tyce is about 9 months younger than Trent) love Elmo and were excited to see the show.

The boys don't look very happy...but they were!

Times like this are the few times I relax my 'food Nazi' behavior.
Trent probably ate 2 bites of this...I just HAD to finish it.

OMG.  Bert and Ernie!

Totally mesmerized 

I remember seeing Sesame Street Live as a kid (at the same venue too) and loving it.  Jenna and I enjoyed about the first 10 minutes and then started playing on our phones.  Ha!  Regardless, I love sharing things like this with Trent!


Kelly said...

How fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I live right near Sesame Place & cannot wait until my son is old enough to go & enjoy that. Glad you had fun :)

Melissa said...

What a sweet little face!