Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Life in iPhone Pics

I was laughing to myself over the randomness that was in my iPhone for pictures.  I think it'll be funny in a few years to see a post like this and just remember the little day-to-day things that were happening in our family.

Brent kept asking me to buy Hot Tamales.  He wouldn't believe me they were out, so I proved it to him. {grin}

Trent using his 'fire hose'

A perfect day - watching 'Fireman Sam', eating Pirate's Booty and not wearing much clothing 

I still can't stop buying clothes for Baby Girl

Climbing the fire ladder and using his fire hose...are you getting the theme here in our house these days?

Anyone need new romance authors?  Had to send to a friend!

Mama, take my picture in my tent

So just some randomness but so fun to look back at a few weeks!


Unknown said...

so stinkin cute!

Kelly said...

Trent is all boy that's for sure!! :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone should know the real reason she won't get the hot tamales is because she doesn't like them. It isn't something she can eat, so she isn't buying it. - B

Anonymous said...

Aren't those hot tamales next to the empty spot?