Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Few Favorites from 2011

So I know we're well into 2012, but I wanted to share a few favorites of mine from 2011.  I love hearing what other people are loving, so I thought I could get some recommendations too on great stuff I might be missing out on.

Favorite CD: I had a tie here between Gavin Degraw's Sweeter and Adele's 21.  I have been a Gavin fan for a long time and have seen him in concert several times (and already have a ticket for when he performs at the rodeo next month.  Thanks Dena!).  This CD is probably his best.  It is awesome!  The songs 'Not Over You' and 'Soldier' are my faves.  And if you haven't heard Adele's album, you are probably living under a rock!  I'm excited to see if she cleans house at the Grammy's.

Gavin and Adele - <3

Favorite Movie: Crazy Stupid Love.  I know, I know.  I saw every movie nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, and this is my favorite of the year.  Sue me.  I thought this movie was perfect.  And Brent watched it and loved it too.  I think it's great for couples, singles, young, old.  It was funny, it was heart-warming.  Just great!

Favorite Book: Another one that shows my lack of culture.  Divergent is my hands-down winner for fave book.  Anyone who likes The Hunger Games will totally love this book.

Favorite New Show: Once Upon a Time

Favorite Show: Glee - to be honest, the season started a little slowly for me, but I am really loving in the last few months.

So there's a few of my faves.  What should I be watching, reading and listening to?


Karen M. Peterson said...

LOVE Adele. Love Gavin. Love Crazy, Stupid Love. Love Once Upon a Time.

I no longer love Glee.

But you do have great taste!

Anonymous said...

Tolerating something = loving something in the blog world apparently. - B