Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy un-Valentine's Day

I am usually all about Valentine's Day.  A holiday that is about love, hearts and the color pink?  Sign me up!  But today has not started off well.
  • I woke up with a sore throat.
  • My giant pimple still won't go away.  My face didn't get the memo that it's not 1993, I'm 31 - not 13!
  • Trent got up before 6:00.  I was so dead asleep that I was mad and yelled at Brent.
  • I forgot to take pictures of Trent's cute V-Day shirt, his gifts for school and his adorable box for all his cards.  Mom Fail.
  • Top 5 worst drop-offs for Trent this morning.  I cried.  Major dose of Mom Guilt.
  • Starbucks didn't use the awesome heart cup this morning.  And they were super slow and a little bit rude.
  • I left my power cord in the car, which means I'll have to walk the several blocks back to my car soon.
I feel like Alexander in 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'.  Do you remember that book?  Trent and I have been reading that one recently.  Here's hoping it turns around!  Nothing a little time with the hubs and some Chick-fil-A can't cure! {grin}


the blogivers said...

Boo hiss! I hate when days go like that, especially holidays... hoping the rest of it is much better :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

I hope your day turns around.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. The home time and food didn't cure whatever was ailing you. Blame me honey, I was breathing your air without asking. Tomorrow is a new day. - Brent

Kelly said...

Dang! When it rains it pours! I hope that your night ended up being a good one!

The Watkins Family said...

If it makes you feel better, my Starbucks NEVER had the cute heart cups...;-)

Anonymous said...

I read giant nipple first!! I was wondering why you posted about your big nipple!! Haha, glad it wasn't- melissa