Monday, March 5, 2012

The Never-ending Stream of Cousin Pictures Continues...

Hopefully you like looking at pictures of these kids as much as I like taking and posting them.  If not, though, you probably stopped reading my blog a long time ago...and I should stop talking to you because you aren't reading this anyway! {grin}

Patty and I spent a lot of time together a few days in a row.  And the kids were hysterical.  The boys are really starting to play together more, and Miss Blair is just into everything she isn't supposed to be.  She is going to be (heck, she already is) the bossiest of the 3!

Blair thought it was so fun to ride his Trent's cart.
Trent didn't find it so fun to share with his little cousin.
Most people don't think Blair looks like my sis, but I swear, all I see is Patty's face when I look at Blair.  So stinkin' cute.  And almost ONE!

You can see our dad for real mowing in the background.
Trent: 'I like how you are improvising w/ that toy to mow.  Because you know I don't share mowers well.  And dude, where are your pants?'
Miles: 'I'll get the mower back from you, don't worry.  And who's talking about pants? At least I'm not wearing pajamas still in the middle of the day...that don't match.'

Now Trent is also sans pants.  And is hammering nails (golf tees) in the garden.
Along comes Miss try and eat some dirt.  Love this girl!

And just another day in the life with our crazy trio!


Kelly said...

I love looking at pictures of all the cousins!! Blair is adorable!!