Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Work Story

I thought it was only fitting this week to share a story about work.  I truly work for an awesome company who tries really hard to take care of its people.  It's just the nature of my job that there are periods that are super busy.  But every year the powers that be come up with contests and activities to try and make busy season a little fun.  This year has been no different.

One contest has a prize of $250 - $500 to go toward a team party (meaning alcohol {grin}). There are several categories a team can enter. Things like 'best team morale building story'. What category have we entered?  'Most unusual takeout meal'.

Let me set the scene:
  • SXSW in ATX (you know, only the biggest music festival in the world)
  • Saturday
  • St. Patrick's Day (And yes, I made everyone wear green)
  • Super Austin-y food trailers on Congress Ave.
  • Selected food trailer only served meals made of bison meat

Who says working on Saturday can't be fun?

So... think we have a shot at winning?


KristenW said...

I'd vote for you!!! (I am a little biased, though.)

Karen M. Peterson said...

That is so fun! I love it! How did that bison meat taste??