Friday, March 9, 2012

Best Day Ever - Trent Style

Trent spends 1 day/week with each set of grandparents.  I love that for him SO much.  He gets to have lots of adventures each week.  Well, this past week, I think he had the with his Nana and Papa.  The plan was to take the Metro Train from by their house to the downtown station and walk around downtown and enjoy the nice weather.

Trent loving the train ride.

BUT in their walking when they got downtown, they passed a fire station where a real fireman was outside with the fire truck.  O.M.G.  The fireman was so nice to Trent and let him drive the fire truck and spray the hose.  What an adventure for this train/fire truck loving boy!

Fireman Trent!!!

I have to admit that when I first found out how his day went, I was a little jealous.  Trent has had so many fun adventures without me (seeing the Biscuit Brothers with Babs and Pops is another one I missed) because I have to work.  But then I decided to see the joy in the situation.  On one hand, it doesn't really matter WHO takes Trent as long as he's having these fun trips. And on the other hand, how awesome will it be for him to have these memories with his grandparents?!  So while I can't say I'm 100% not jealous, I can say that I am so thankful Trent gets this time with his grandparents and will have amazing memories with them for years to come!

And seriously, what a day, huh?


the blogivers said...

That is a pretty great set-up!

Val said...

It's so nice to have all grandparents in town and so close. We love that too. It's so special. I can't believe how big & even cuter Trent is getting!!

Kelly said...

YAY for Trent...I can only imagine how excited the little guy was. I know it is hard for you...being a successful working mom...but you are right that he does get amazing quality (and one-on-one) time with his grandparents. And lucky for you you have GREAT parents and GREAT in-laws! We should all be so lucky! haha!