Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rough Daylight Savings

Poor guy can't get his sleep straight.
Mean parents made him wake up early this morning.
And made him go to school.
Mean mommy recorded him expressing his feelings about school.
This was after he took off his shoes and threw them.
And threw his juice.
And kicked and screamed in his car seat.

Even this mad, he is still the cutest thing!

In case you need a translation, all he says is "I don't want to go to school."


the blogivers said...

This is heartbreakingly pitiful! I feel like throwing fits just like this some days...

Anonymous said...

No wonder you can't drive for shit - Brent

Kelly said...

Poor baby...good thing he doesn't realize that he is going to be going to school for many many years to come. ;)

KristenW said...

Poor little boo. That was freaking awesome. I love how he goes in and out of crying as he remembers that he needs to be crying. Smartie pants.

Anonymous said...

I like how he gives up and starts picking his nose. - B