Wednesday, March 7, 2012


  • I am obsessed with Overdrive.  My only complaint is it's still somewhat new so there aren't a ton of books yet and most of the time there's a waiting list.
  • Because of Overdrive, I started the Jack Reacher series my friend, Kelly, blogged about a lot.  So good!  Unfortunately, long list for book 2.

  • I've been on a romance novel kick lately.  Had a big discussion about romance novels last night.
  • Our book club got together last night to not have our book club.  Heather is in town from New Zealand so we got to see her.  And eat Chuy's!  Yum.
  • I didn't intend for this post to be all about books, but I am such a nerd.
  • I utterly failed at giving up cheese for Lent.  $5 to charity coming up!
  • I'm in another busy time at work.  Seems like they pop up a lot lately...  Need to make it through the end of March and then {hopefully} things will slow down for the summer.  Fingers crossed.
  • I'm giving a presentation tonight about being a woman in business.  When did I become adult enough to do that?
  • My DVR is exploding, but I am just not in the mood to watch TV.  Except Law & Order: SVU.  Gotta watch Mariska.


Anonymous said...

We started watching SVU on Netflix a few weeks ago but couldn't stick with it. With all the stories being related to sex crimes it seemed too dark to keep watching. It must be great since it's been on FOREVER, but we just couldn't keep watching. Is the rest of the series a lot different that the first few episodes?

Anonymous said...

So, I just looked up Shanna on Overdrive. Not there. Guess I will have to go another 30 years without reading it! I tried a couple Lee Childs books - too violent for me. - Allison

Kelly said...

Ooooh Chuys...yum yum yum!!!