Friday, May 15, 2020

Three Things

Stealing another survey from Natasha? Yup! Anyone surprised? Nope!

3 Places I Never Want to Go:
1. Jail
2. The dentist
3. Antarctica

3 Places I Always Want to Go:
1. London/Highclere Castle
2. Mexican food restaurants
3. A movie theater with Allison

3 Appetizers I Will Eat at Any Time:
*I love A LOT of appetizers, so this is by no means the only ones I enjoy. These were just the first 3 that popped into my mind. I felt this was necessary to explain. {grin}*
1. Chips & queso/salsa
2. Fried pickle chips
3. Sausage balls

Wall Colors in My House:
1. Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams in every single room except 1 wall in Trent's room {from Paige's nursery}

I absolutely hate this color and I picked it for the WHOLE house when we were building. It's too light and blends too much with the door color - which I also picked and also hate.

2. Trent's wall is Windwood Spring by Behr

3. Lots of wall samples as we do plan to repaint several rooms...but some of these samples have been up for 15 months...eek.

1 will be the living room/kitchen/entry way and 4 will be our bedroom...
whenever I get around to painting...

Things I'm Looking Forward to This Month:
1. Brent's birthday is next week!
2. Time off of work on Memorial Day - yes the days are repetitive with everyone home, but it's A LOT less stressful to not have to work while also managing children
3. The end of virtual school!!!

Places I Enjoyed in My Youth:
1. My grandparents' houses - we went to both sets of grandparents' houses a lot as kids {they lived in the same town} and had such a blast!

2. Sleepovers at friends' houses - that was my Friday night highlight for many a year
3. Our family reunion in Salado every summer - it was THE highlight of my summer

My first reunion at 11 months old

Things 10 Year Old Me Never Expected to Spend So Much Money On:
1. Food! Who knew food was SO expensive! Our grocery bill is just shocking to me.
2. Our mortgage - our house is a lot bigger than my parents' house so I just was clueless about what homes could cost
3. Starbucks - can you believe I spend $5 on a single drink there??? Totally worth it! {grin}


Natasha said...

Jail --- hahahahahaha!!! Also, I guess I won't invite you to go to Anartica with me. Darn.

I love appetizers too. Oh yum... I could eat whole meals of just appetizers.

We had our first Starbucks of quarantine on Friday night and it was TOTALLY worth it!

Emily said...

“Jail” lol. That’s a good one. And I actually want to go to Antarctica! I probably won’t because it’ll be too much effort to get there so I’ll settle for Alaska. But that’s my love of cold. :) Fried pickle chips and sausage ball appetizers sound amazing. They aren’t especially common on our appetizer menus up here, but I’m sure I’d love them. I feel ya on the wall color. I picked stongington gray for our bedroom and although I love the coolness of the gray, it’s lighter than I thought it would be. In a few years when we have someone paint our new kitchen & bath, I’ll have them repaint our bedroom a darker shade.