Friday, May 22, 2020

Five on Friday


Hair Wand

I really want a hair wand to make 'beachy' waves.
After a lot of practice, I figured out how to use my CHI to curl my hair.
BUT I want to be able to do the wavy look.
I know it's a subtle difference ha but I want one.
Anyone have one or know of a good one?
*Took this picture when I was experimenting with my CHI*
*See how it looks more like traditional spiral curls vs waves?*

Comedian warns her 'past self' about COVID

This is a few weeks old but if you haven't seen it, it's hilarious.
One of my favorite COVID videos.


Also old-ish news, but I am BEYOND excited that Hamilton is coming to Disney+!

Also, if you love Hamilton you need to watch this episode of 
John Krasinski's 'Some Good News'
Fast forward to about the 8:30 mark - we have watched this 10 times easily.


I've lost my mind, and we're going to tie-dye shirts for the whole family.
Even Brent said yes if you can believe it!
I'll report back once we do it but after seeing it all over the internet,
we're going for it!

Bike Rides

Another win for extra family time and a silver lining!
Not only did we get Drew riding her bike during quarantine,
but we have taken numerous family bike rides,
 and 2 of them have been over 5 miles!

It's been really funny because Paige starts out on her balance bike,
and Trent, Drew, and I are on our bikes.
Brent follows us in the golf cart to grab Paige when she gets tired,
so she can ride on the cart with him.


Natasha said...

Okay, how naive our January selves were!!! And how much fun we were having!!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Were you able to find a bike for you? that covid video was funny..ha! i like your curly hair. i haven't found the perfect beachy wave wand but have recently been looking at L'Ange products..i've heard they are good.