Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bathing Suit Bonanza

I haven't bought a new bathing suit in 4 summers. I kept saying I'd spend money on new suits when I lost weight...and not to be a broken record...but that kept not happening. Ha! This summer, however, it IS happening plus the bathing suit I've had for so long has lost its elasticity and really NEEDS to be replaced.

Well, Target was having a BOGO sale, plus I saw some other suits I liked online, and somehow I ended up buying 6 bathing suits last weekend. I do not intend to keep all 6 and am honestly hoping to keep 2 or 3. If I could try bathing suits on in person, I'm sure I would try on 20 or more before I found any I wanted to keep, but that's not the world we live in today. 

I have some criteria that must be met for a suit to even be considered:
1) Support - I have a lot on top and do not want it drooping excessively!
2) Coverage - the lower portion of my stomach is basically a blob of saggy skin and stretch marks - there will be no teeny bikinis.
3) Ruching - I also have a nice little 'I've had 3 kids' pudge - as I've lost weight it's of course gotten smaller, but it's still there and quite honestly might never go away.

And of course I want it to be cute and flattering ha!

So here are the suits I've ordered - I should get some of them Friday and the rest next week.

First up, my 4 Target BOGO suits!

This one of course comes with a strap - 
no way could I let my girls be without a strap.

This one ties behind the neck so I should be able to CINCH it tight for support.
If not, this will most definitely go back - we'll see how this plunge looks...

I'm not sure how the horizontal stripes will look,
but I loved the macrame straps and ruching.

See how cute the straps are?

My concern with this one is not enough support up top.

This suit is from Athleta...and guys I'm trying out a 2-piece!
This is bra-sized so I'm hoping the support will be there, 
but how cute is this???

And this covers up my troublesome lower abdomen, 
and the tie is hopefully a distraction ha.
My belly button is pretty stretched out too,
but I decided to go for it and see how this looks!

Lastly, I got this suit from Summersalt - I've seen it advertised a ton of places.
It has compression, diagonal seaming, great backside coverage,
and 85% of the reviews online give it 5 stars!

And I thought the back was super cute too!

So what do you think? Will I find any winners here?


Natasha said...

I LOVE the last one. I also really like the striped one with the macrame straps. And that two piece is really pretty!

Emily said...

Funny I ordered the first and last of the Target suits back in March when we were going to Florida. In my newly postpartum state, I ordered them all in XL but since they were too big (and we didn't go to FL), they were all returned. Personally I didn't love them but may feel differently if they fit properly. I too am intrigued by the Summersalt suits but I HATE weird tan lines so that would drive me nuts. Now that our pool is opening, I also need to get on with my swimsuit-buying but... ugh.

Kathryn Bagley said...

I really like the last one and the 2 piece! I am going to have to say negative on the tropical one!! Can't wait to see which ones you decide on :)