Wednesday, May 6, 2020

She's Likes to Move It, Move It

As I reported at the start of April, I didn't hit my goal for what I was hoping to lose for the month of March, but I did lose weight, so I was excited. I set a goal of 5 pounds for April which was more than I lost in March, but I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do better.

Did I hit my goal? I DID! I lost exactly 5 pounds in April! Whoop!

I am officially the lightest I have been since before I started Zoloft after Paige's birth, and I am 7 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight with Paige. That's not my final goal, but it'll be a huge milestone to get back to that number. I would love it if I could hit that number by the end of the month, but I'm not going to be crazy ha.

- I am working out 6 days/week! There are 5 online jazzercise classes through Facebook with my studio. I do them ALL. I miss the instructors, and these are so fun. They aren't quite as long as a normal class, but I love being back with these ladies. My other workout is my Friday morning run. I've been doing this 5 or 6 weeks and am consistently running 3+ miles, and I hope to start getting faster and/or being able to go longer...we shall see!
- I am still tracking macros. I am definitely not perfect with my food, but I am working every day at it - more fruits/vegetables, hitting macros, hitting at or below calories, etc. The days I don't track, I can tell that I eat worse and more than I should.
- I am down a size! I can consistently fit into clothes a size smaller than I've been wearing for 3 years PLUS a few things a size smaller than that!
- My rings are fitting better. I shared a picture Monday of my engagement ring - it doesn't feel GREAT yet, but I can definitely get it on and wear it without it being uncomfortable.

It's so exciting to see how close I am to pre-pregnancy weight!

Goal for May: I am sticking with a goal of 5 pound loss for May. That's what I've averaged since February, so I think it's a solid goal. I also want to keep up my 6 workouts and consistent food tracking. Nothing really new or different for the month - what I'm doing seems to be working haha.


Natasha said...

Okay, I think you are doing AMAZING!!! I'm finding it hard to be motivated in quarantine and I think my weight has gone up, not down, so way to stick to your goals. You've got this!!!

Emily said...

YAYYYY for a good month! Sizing down is my favorite thing in a closet changeover. And I love that graph because it really represents weight gain in women - quick up and slowwwwww down. Keep up the good work!