Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Celebrating a Milestone Birthday for Brent While Quarantined

We had such a great time celebrating Brent's birthday! I really wanted to try and make it a special day for him given we were 'stuck' at home. Brent is a simple guy, and he really just likes to be able to enjoy a few beers with his friends, and even that is hard to accomplish these days!

It's crazy that I've been blogging for over a decade because I copied what I did for Brent's 30th birthday. When he turned 30, I got him 30 presents, so this year I got him 40 presents! It was a bit of a challenge to coordinate this year given we are all home together 24/7. I was able to buy a lot from Amazon using his mother's account so that he wouldn't see the gifts in our orders and then everything shipped to her - and she's amazing so she wrapped everything too! For the stuff I bought other places, I had it shipped to a neighbor. Then I lucked out and he went with his uncle to his uncle's deer lease to do some prep-work for deer season, so I was able to get all the gifts, make my first trip into a store {Walgreen's} to get some gift cards and candy, and get everything wrapped and set-up.

40 presents for my favorite 40-year-old!

I was also able to borrow a yard sign from a neighbor, so Brent saw this when he got back home Monday at lunchtime. The kids were BESIDE themselves with excitement for him to get home - it was so cute!

Drew made him a banner.

Happy birthday, honey!

The kids opened all his presents and made a giant mess ha!
And I love Trent wearing the Longhorn mask Brent's mom made - 
who would have ever thought?

It's tradition that Gurley men get Great American Cookie cakes for their birthdays.
Well I wasn't going to the mall to get one, so we had cookies delivered.

I had also arranged for a little parade of family and friends for the evening at 6:00 pm. From about 5:00 onward, the kids were nuts with checking the time, plotting how to get Brent outside, and just giggling. It was too cute. We got him outside to take a picture with his birthday sign, knock down a dirt dobber nest, anything we could think of to keep him outside. It was 94 degrees, so he wasn't super happy at first. He could tell something was up and later said he thought maybe his parents were going to come by. Little did he know!!!

Must document I put on make-up!

The parade got organized at our friends' house who live around the corner.
When they made the turn and started honking, it was so awesome!

Everyone circled and came back around to visit.
Our families and a couple of friends got out for a beer, and we all stayed out in the yard to try and social distance.

We ended the night with some cookies made by my friend Heather, yum!

I think we did all we could to treat Brent to a special 40th birthday. We might not be leaving for Costa Rica next week, but he is certainly loved!

PS - I might have to revise my weight loss goals for May to be to break even haha!


Natasha said...

Oh, what a wonderful birthday parade! Way to make this big birthday special, even if it did look pretty different than what you had imagined.

Emily said...

Adam doesn’t like a lot of attention and would KILL me if I organized a parade or put signs in our front yard! Glad Brent was a good sport about it. The 40 presents is a cute idea but I could literally never think of 40 unless I wrapped up 40 Reese’s peanut butter cups.