Friday, May 29, 2020

COVID-19 Kid Q&A

I've seen this kid survey a few places on the interwebs, and I thought it would be fun to see what the kids said.  Paige's answers are pretty hilarious, ha.

1. What is coronavirus?

Trent: It's a highly contagious lung infection, right?
Drew: A sickness
Paige: I don't know

2. Who is the President?

Trent: Donald Trump
Drew: Um...what's his name...Donald Trump
Paige: I don't know

3. How many days have we been on lockdown?

Trent: 60-ish days
Drew: I don't know
Paige: I don't know

4. Do you want to go back to school?

Trent: Learning is fine and friends are fun, but it's a lot better at home.
Drew: Kind of
Paige: No

5. Who is the first person you want to hug when the virus is over?

Trent: Nana
Drew: Phoebe and Esther [these are friends of ours, kind of random]
Paige: Babs

6. Where is the first place you want to go?

Trent: A friend's house
Drew: A carnival
Paige: Nana and Papa's house

7. What do you think we can do to get rid of coronavirus?

Trent: Stay away from people, masks are kind of bogus
Drew: I don't know
Paige: I don't know

8. Is mom a good teacher?

Trent: She's pretty good.
Drew: Yeah
Paige: I don't know

9. How did coronavirus start? [I like how Trent and Drew combined have the right far as we know ha]

Trent: Some guy in Wuhan, China got sick.
Drew: When someone ate a dead bat.
Paige: I don't know

10. If you had to wear protective clothing to help you what would you choose?

Trent: The stuff doctors are wearing.
Drew: I don't know
Paige: Unicorn stuffies

11. Are you enjoying lockdown?

Trent: Yes, it's fine.
Drew: Kind of
Paige: Yes


Kathryn Bagley said...

I don't know..bahaha! This was fun! I love that Drew wants to go to a carnival!

Katerina | Once a Foodie said...

Haha.. I love these quizzes for kids! I think mine would give a lot of "I don't know" answers too - depends what time of day you catch them. Happy weekend!

Emily said...

I chuckle at their school answers; most kids are dying for school, or at least not like us parents are. I know that I would have lovedddd staying home as a younger kid; like a permanent vacation.