Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Currently: School's {Almost} Out For Summer!

Current Book

I just finished 2 books over the weekend, so I'm starting this one.

Current Song

I LOVE this song from Schitt's Creek so much!

Current TV Show

Brent and I started this over Memorial Day weekend - 
and I am LOVING IT so much.
My grandfather was actually in the Army in the Guadalcanal during WW2,
so that has added an extra element while watching it - so crazy.

Current Podcast

I'm still listening to The Office Ladies and loving it!
For anyone who enjoyed The Office, this is so great.

Current Drink

I've been playing around with my coffee this month - 
I'm trying to ALWAYS break up with sugar - 
so I've been working to reduce how much honey or maple syrup I put in it.

Current Food

Well, I'm in a 24-hour nothing ha.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Guys, I have been buying shoes like crazy.
My summer shoe collection was very sad,
so these were needed...but it's a lot.

I also bought 6 bathing suits last week...

Current Outfit

Workout clothes while on a conference call - 
is anyone surprised?

Current Celebrity Crush

I don't think I could love these guys more than I do!!!!

Current Mood

So happy school is out TOMORROW!
No more online learning!
No more also being a teacher!

Current Anticipation

I'm excited/anxious for joining society again.
Things are opening up in Texas, 
and Brent goes back into his office next week at 50%.
We've talked about slowly venturing out after that,
and I'm basically ALL THE FEELS about it.
Scared? Yes
Excited? Yes
Ready? Yes
Not Ready? Also Yes

Current Wishlist

Gosh, with everything I have just bought, I better not have anything on my wishlist!

Current Film

I don't even know if movie theaters are open?
I don't know premiere dates for anything?
Are things coming online instead of in theaters?

Current Picture

Curly 1


Natasha said...

Oooooohhhh, I like the curly hair Day 1 picture!

And I'm so envious that things are opening up so much for you guys but also wondering if I'd be ready for it too...

And I LOVED Band of Brothers so I'll have to check out The Pacific -- at some point, when it comes to DVD and our library carries it! HAHAHA!!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

love the hair! I'm just so used to seeing you with straight hair! Umm I need pics of your shoes and swim suits!

Emily said...

So funny: it wasn't until scrolling through your post that I realized we still haven't finished Schitt's Creek. We watched all the Netflix seasons and were slowly making our way through this last season on FX, except we keep forgetting to watch it. We started "The Last Kingdom" which is kind of Game of Thrones-y except real history and no magic. It starts sooooo slow but has improved over the seasons. I also loved Band of Brothers; it has a special memory of being one of two major shows I watched during my maternity leave with Aaron (the other being Gossip Girl), so maybe like Natasha we'll start Pacific when it comes out on library DVD too. So far love the curly hair look - it has a very beach-y mermaid-y vibe to it.