Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Survey

Who doesn't love a survey? I know I love one and am keeping up my posts of silliness. {grin}

* Favorite pie: Brent's aunt's chocolate pie
* Steak or Seafood: Steak, I hate seafood
* Italian or Chinese: Chinese but I do love Italian
* Pepsi or Coke: Coke
* Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate except for ice cream, then I like plain old vanilla
* How many tattoos: None
* Ever hit a deer: Unfortunately yes because they roam wild in our neighborhood
* Rode in a ambulance: Yes, when I had a fabulous car accident
* Netflix or Hulu? Netflix
* Ice skated: Yes
* Rode a motorcycle: Yes
* Stayed in hospital: Only with each of my deliveries
* Last cell phone call : Susie {neighbor}
* Last text from: 3-way chat with Susie and Karin {other neighbor}
* Favorite season: Spring
* Broken Bones: None
* Favorite color: Pink
* Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset, I prefer to be sleeping at sunrise!
* Ocean or Mountain: Ocean, I don't like being cold
* Dogs or cats? Dogs
* Who will play along: Emily and Natasha {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

Chinese over Italian?? ha!

Emily said...

Will Brent’s aunt give our the recipe for her chocolate pie? I’ve never had a good one. I’ve made a banging awesome chocolate pecan pie but I think that’s very different. Also I’d never read your car crash story before - yikes! As a mom I can also say I’m so glad Trent wasn’t in the car; I’d be an absolute basket case if my kids got hurt in my car. I of course will partake in this survey at some point :)