Friday, March 6, 2020

An Early Start to Spring Break


That's how things feel in my head right now ha. I've teased a few times that my kids are home right now, so I thought I'd quit teasing and share what is going on.

One topic that I don't blog about much {I know it's controversial, and I'm not interested in a debate because I won't be changing my mind} is that our kids aren't fully vaccinated. I'm not going to go into the reasons they aren't, just know that I have done my homework and have our pediatrician's support. 

However, when you do something that isn't the norm, there can be consequences, and right now, we're facing one. There have been 3 confirmed separate cases of chicken pox at Trent and Drew's school. The health department recommended for children who weren't fully immunized to be removed from school during the incubation period, which is 3 weeks. SURPRISE! I now have Trent and Drew home until after Spring Break...because the end of the 3 weeks is the first day of Spring Break. Yay! 

I am so fortunate {for a million other reasons} that I work from home, otherwise we'd be majorly scrambling to find child care. And I am also so thankful for wonderfully supportive and involved grandparents because they have volunteered {or agreed when asked} to help with the kids. 

We got assignments on Tuesday afternoon from the school for them to work on over the next few weeks, I've been looking at some stuff on Amazon - I found some really cool map puzzles that have 'flags' you put in for the capitals - and I've got some new books reserved at the library. Plus, I'm making them play outside and do chores {to earn screen time ha}. I'm glad Paige isn't home too because the 2 I have home get bored A LOT since I can't really play with them!

Day Camp with Babs and Pops - finding snails and 'holy molies' {roly polies}
*They wanted to keep Paige too this day but she is mostly going to school*

Enjoying our new bed!

So we are 1 week into their extended spring break and surviving. But I wouldn't complain if you sent me some wine! {grin}


Natasha said...

Our kids don't have the chicken pox (varicella) vaccination either. Sam had a bad reaction to the first shot so we have just not done that one for either kid. I get that this is a personal decision.

I hope you find ways to help the time go quickly. I don't know if either kid is interested (specifically Drew) but Rachel is LOVING the "paint by sticker" books right now. I think they're really fun and engaging.