Tuesday, March 3, 2020

A Sentence a Day: February 2020

Natasha posted this for January, and I thought it was a fun idea. Just a sentence for each day of the month. I don't think I'll do it every month, but it was fun, and I can see myself doing it periodically.

Saturday, February 1: We did a lot of driving today, from Clifton to home and then to Temple for a birthday party.

Sunday, February 2: I ate all the carbs for the Superbowl.

Monday, February 3: It was hard getting back to Jazzercise after 2 accidental weeks off, but I'm so glad I went.

Tuesday, February 4: All the soreness!

Wednesday, February 5: It is too cold to go outside today for this thin-blooded Mama.

Thursday, February 6: We woke up to snow!!!

Friday, February 7: Tap lessons and basketball practice at the same time make for a busy evening.

Saturday, February 8: Trent scored for the first time this season, and he was SO excited!

Sunday, February 9: It's the Oscars!!!!

Monday, February 10: Rain, rain, go away.

Tuesday, February 11: Today was a really, really bad day.

Wednesday, February 12: I had dinner with the bestie!!!

Thursday, February 13: I met a new co-worker at Starbucks to work and train her today!

Friday, February 14: I fell asleep reading in the living room, so we had a super romantic Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 15: We went to a wedding celebration for our friends who recently got married and had so much fun.

Sunday, February 16: Drew had a horseback riding lesson and we had our neighborhood friends over for dinner - a wonderful Sunday.

Monday, February 17: A beautiful day outside, I can feel spring is near.

Tuesday, February 18: I spoke too soon yesterday because today was cold and rainy and dreary.

Wednesday, February 19: I always love a library trip with the kids.

Thursday, February 20: I went to see Come From Away today and LOVED it!

Friday, February 21: I am volunteering at a 3-day Workshop working as a mentor, and I had to go into the office - the upside was I was able to get a new phone after breaking mine.

Saturday, February 22: We had a fun day with a birthday party for our neighbor, Grant, and a basketball game for Trent.

Sunday, February 23: We picked out new paint for Drew's room, and I'm really excited to get it finished off soon.

Monday, February 24: Brent put together Trent's new bed, and all the kids were really excited.

Tuesday, February 25: I worked at Starbucks and went on a walk with neighbors, and it was a nice day.

Wednesday, February 26: The big kids were home from school [long story, post coming soon], so it was a hectic day with therapy, work, Ash Wednesday service, and a meeting at school.

Thursday, February 27: I started covering for someone at work who is having surgery and will be out for 5 weeks, so I am a little overwhelmed doing 2 jobs.

Friday, February 28: I got my tank top for the Jazzercise heartbeat challenge!

Saturday, February 29: I spent way too much money at Target, being a girl mom can be tough when the clothes are so cute.


Natasha said...

Yay! You joined in!

Also, two jobs?!?!? What?! I'm struggling as it is with ONE job. Yikes.

And yes, Spring can come any time now... Waiting...