Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Social Distancing Distraction

Just a little humor and a look at life in these crazy times!

Brent and a co-worker go periodically to an awesome liquor store.
He didn't check the pantry before he went and got more Tower Vodka...
but I think NOW we'll survive the next few weeks {months?}.

In hindsight, maybe we should have canceled book club...
but so happy I got to see the ladies.
It's always a great time, even if the book is terrible {sorry, Jen}!

We have to laugh a little, right?

Thanks Nana...or not, ha!

Buying extra food made me need to clean the pantry.
I forgot to take a Before pic, but this is about halfway.

After! Looks beautiful!
And Brent said 'It finally looks like how a pantry should look.'
{meaning he thinks I never buy enough food ha}


Sibling love...we are loving the time off for Spring Break...so far.

Drew's work at horseback riding Sunday was poop scooping.
She started to cry haha but rallied when I helped her.

 Hanging a picture I bought 18 months ago, yay!

And one last joke for us all...
although I was a little carb-crazy over the weekend, I'm dedicated to my plan.
Googling all the workout from home plans I can find!


Kathryn Bagley said...

haha this post made me smile in light of everything! i'm jealous of the people that have family at home with them. Being alone sucks. As of right now I still get to come to work and my evening groups are still ongoing. I fear by the end of the week we will be told to stay indoors :(

Emily said...

The Corona 30 is gonna blow the Freshmen 15 away! We have lots of food but am all out of fresh fruits and vegetables Ugh. I need to go to grocery store but don’t want to take the kids because they’ll just lick everything!