Friday, March 20, 2020

Things That Aren't Canceled

Natasha had a great idea and made a list of things that aren't canceled, and I thought I would do the same thing. In this time of craziness, uncertainty, fear, confusion, sadness, anxiety...basically all emotions...I'm trying to look at the bright side!

1. My Job isn't canceled! I have 99.9% confidence that I will keep my job and paycheck. What a blessing so many people don't have right now! And working from home is my typical routine, and there are LOTS of days throughout the year where the kids are home, so this isn't totally off-the-wall for me.

2. Reading isn't canceled. Now the physical library might be closed, but that's where the beauty of an e-reader and online library checkouts come into play. Yay! I currently have 4 books checked out ha.

Trent's haul from before our library closed.

3. Exercising isn't canceled. Jazzercise is letting everyone use their on-demand service for free, I've pinned a lot of workouts, and dusted off my old Faster Way to Fat Loss workouts too!

4. Bluebonnets aren't canceled. They are BEYOND GORGEOUS this year, and I can't stop taking pictures of them.

5. Humor isn't canceled. I am loving all the memes coming out of this. I follow @lispeale on Instagram, and she normally does a #mememonday with a bunch of funny memes. She's been doing them every day this week, and I'm here for it!

This one really tickled me yesterday.

6. Speaking of Instagram, these fabulous accounts aren't canceled:

@eholmes - she's a REAL journalist and covers the royal family, she does 'So many thoughts' on their outfits and I LOVE them. She has all of them saved, so you can spend hours checking out royal outfits and her commentary. I can't wait for her book to come!

@bradgoreski - he's an E! news guy, and he has been chronicling the self-quarantine time with his husband @garyjanetti {also an amazing follow} and I watch them attempt to recreate Gary's beloved Starbucks drink every day and enjoy seeing which musical they watch and discuss each night. So silly but I love it. 

7. Family time most definitely isn't canceled - it's on the menu 24/7!

8. Enjoying nature is not canceled.

Playing in the rain ha!

9. Netflix isn't canceled. Anyone watching something good? I think this would be a great time to start a new show!

10. LOVE isn't canceled!

What isn't canceled for you? I'm debating doing some 'regular' blogging next week. Since this is the new normal for a little while, I want to maybe try and get a little bit back to normal?? I have a few posts I put off because it just didn't feel right to blog about our new bed ha. But maybe next week??

I'm curious how the weekend is going to go when we can't go anywhere or see anyone. Trent is already sad about knowing he can't see his grandparents, and we usually have a lot of activities going on. Catch you on the flip side, friends!


Emily said...

Ha I love the Where’s Waldo meme! Also thankful for job security. I can’t imagine the stress of hourly workers right now.

Kathryn Bagley said...

I'm still working but can leave once my work is done..OR I can work from home but I need to get out! I just commented on what I'm watching on Netflix! Love your bluebonnet pictures!