Friday, March 27, 2020

Five on Friday


Paige got into Goodwater!!!

The big kids go to a public charter school.
The way enrollment works is if more kids apply than there are slots for,
there is a lottery to decide who gets accepted.
Siblings do get first priority, 
but last year for Kindergarten more siblings applied than there were spots for.
Since Paige is in PK-3, I was hoping that wouldn't be the case, and she got in!
I will be so sad to leave our current school, and her current teacher,
but I am so happy to have all 3 kids at the same school again!!
Plus, tuition is cheaper, which is always a bonus,
and we know SO many guides and assistants for the primary classes.

Fist day of school - 2019


The Dixie Chicks have a new song!

I have been a HUGE Dixie Chicks fan since they first started.
I've seen them in concert 3 times and own all of their albums.

To say I am excited for new music is an understatement.
I have missed these girls something fierce and can't wait for the album,
which I've pre-ordered.


iPhone 8 Plus

I dropped my phone twice in about 30 seconds and really messed up the screen.
Luckily, it's a company phone, 
and you can get a replacement once a year from returned phones
[when people quit and have to return their phones].
Unluckily, I paid extra money to have more storage,
and you get access to what's in IT's stock.
Well, I majorly lucked out and went from an iPhone 8 to an 8 Plus for free!!

It's really not that different except for the camera has Portrait mode!
That's the one thing I was really sad about not having with my 8,
and it was such a nice surprise to get it with this phone.


Kelly moved into RBC

One of my best friends, Kelly, moved into our neighborhood a few weeks ago.
Terrible timing with self-quarantining but I am so excited.
We ran track together in high school, lived together for a year in college,
and we were in each other's weddings.

She has stayed home the last couple of years after they had their 2nd child
but knew she would go back to teaching when their older child started kinder.
Well, he got into another local public charter school, and she got a job teaching there.
And it was way closer to us than it was to their old house.
They originally planned to move about halfway between their old house and new school.
And then I jokingly sent the listing next door to our friends, Susie and Riley.

Our early days as Aggies

And now as old hag moms {grin}


Air Fryer

Brent and I have always had a toaster oven instead of just a toaster, and it died.
We decided to get a new version that is a toaster oven PLUS an air fryer,
and guys, this is a life-changer.

A lot of stuff that I used to cook in our big oven for 45 minutes
cooks in this for less than 10. And has an amazing texture - 
slightly crispy but also really tender.
We've made tamales, potatoes, chicken, and are amazed every time.


Kathryn Bagley said...

My toaster has gone kaput so I might need to try that oven/fryer! So glad all 3 kids will be together next year!

Emily said...

Wow back when I was at Uncle D, they were still doing blackberries lol. My times have changed. I’m curious about the air fryer / toaster oven combo. We also have a toaster oven instead of a toaster and it’s going strong 10+ years but when it does come time to replace it maybe we’ll go with the combo!

Natasha said...

Yay for upgraded phones (with portrait mode) and all three kids going to the same school! That's super exciting!!!